Saturday, June 14, 2014

Clothing Haul and Try-On: Some New Dresses and Fun Stuff

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I have recently become quite fond of the website CNDirect. It is based in China so it does take a few weeks for my orders to get here, but it is so worth it. The prices are insanely awesome, and they have so many items to choose from! They have much more than clothing, but for now all I can speak on is the clothing, because I have yet to try anything else...though I have a feeling that will change in the near future lol. Seriously becoming obsessed with this site!

The reason I love the site so much is because I was able to find those awesome printed items that you see on sites like Blackmilk being sold for insane amounts, only these are way, WAY cheaper. A few weeks ago I bought a Joker bodysuit, and it was such good quality for - I think it was around $12 - that I decided to order some dresses and a pair of leggings. Again, I was very happy with the stuff I got. 

It's nice to have some fun pieces like this in my wardrobe without having to drop a huge chunk of change on them. My initial issue was that a lot of the stuff comes in "one size only," but after ordering these pieces I feel a lot better about ordering more things from them. I kind of tested the waters with everything, trying them out to see if they would fit right, and was very pleased. Seriously, a lot of the stuff says it fits extra small to medium, or small to medium, and I usually buy large in everything. The thing is, the materials they use (in the items I bought anyway) are very stretchy and they fit no problem.

 I'm probably not going to go for anymore Bodycon dresses because I'm just not comfortable in them, but hell yeah to the skater dress and the leggings! I am going to be stocking up on leggings for sure, especially when they're only a few bucks a pair and such good quality. Leggings are something you can always have more of! I'll wear lightweight ones in the summer (depending how hot it is of course), and thicker ones in the winter, so I pretty much will wear leggings all year round.

I decided to film a video on the stuff I got this time around, because you can see the items better than if I were to just post pictures! I will be sure to do haul videos on anything I order from there in the future, because I love sharing these finds with you guys.

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