Friday, June 13, 2014

BA Star Tropical Eyeshadow Palette and Primer

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Today I have a review on a couple of products from the brand BA Star. They sent me their eyeshadow/glitter base and Tropical Palette, so I'm here to share my thoughts on them.

Both the primer and palette retail for $8.75 each on The primer is a sticky base that I think will work great with loose shadows, but it definitely helps these pressed shadows from the palette appear more vibrant as well. I would still use a normal eyeshadow primer underneath this when wearing it on your eyelids though, because I did experience creasing (though I have oily lids, so just this alone may be fine for those with drier lids).
It looks like a white lip gloss packaging-wise. It has a doe foot applicator as well:
The consistency is thicker than any other glitter bases I've tried, and as it dries it gets tacky. It definitely grabs hold of product and keeps it in place, but you have to pat it on top of the primer instead of brushing it - if you do that, it will smear and not apply evenly.
It does go on white, but dries clear.

Now for the Tropical Palette!
In here you get 5 bright colors, all a shimmery/metallic finish. I was pretty surprised by these, as they're very nicely pigmented. You get a lime green, a bright blue, purple, hot pink, and silver:
Now for these swatches, they are swatched over the primer on the left and just by themselves on the right in each picture. You can really see how the primer helps them to pop and look more vivid.

So, final verdict? This is a really pretty palette that has some fun colors, especially for summer time. I will have to bust out other colors to form complete looks, but I think it's a nice little palette of brights to have. The primer is nice and reminds me of the LASplash eyeshadow sealer, which I also tend to use a lot as a glitter base.

Use the code 50TROPIC at for 50% Off The Tropical Palette! I hope you all enjoyed this review!

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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