Sunday, June 8, 2014

MAC Osbourne Blushes - Peaches & Cream and Cheeky Bugger

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Talk about some perfect summer blushes! Today I have my reviews of the Osbourne blushes for you. They are gorgeous!

Until now, I had never tried one of the normal MAC powder blushes before and I am quite impressed with them. First up I'll talk about Kelly's color, which is called (and I love this name) Cheeky Bugger:
Cheeky Bugger is a bright baby doll pink color - it looks darker in the pan than how it applies to the cheeks.
It has a satin finish and is just so pretty. It looks so boring in the pan but I've been wearing it every day since I got it! Here are some swatches on my arm, with and without flash. The top swatch in each picture is a heavier swatch, and the bottom swatch in each picture is blended out.

Sharon's blush is called Peaches & Cream, though it is more of a reddish pink color than anything even remotely resembling peach!
I actually picked this color up for my grandma, but she knows about my beauty blog and my need to swatch everything, so here we are. Again, this has a satin finish but is the darker of the two blushes.
And the swatches:
I've got to say, I am really impressed with how nicely these blushes apply and blend. They are nicely pigmented, but not too overbearing. I think they are both perfect colors for summer, I know I'm going to be using my Cheeky Bugger a ton and I hope my granny will love Peaches & Cream! 

If you would like to see live swatches of everything I got from the collection, you can check out my video here:

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