Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lit Cosmetics Lit Kit

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Lit Cosmetics have been around for a while now, but it's one of those brands I just kept putting off trying. I finally caved a couple weeks ago and ordered a few things from Beautylish - they send you this cute little Lit Kit when you buy 3 of the Lit glitters! I will be reviewing the glitters soon, but for this post I wanted to focus on the kit.

You get 3 things - a small brush, a crazy looking "sparkle duster," and a small bottle of the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base.

The brush is "eh" at best. It's shaped like a lip brush, but it was already fraying when I opened the kit. Fraying is not something you want in a brush, especially when you want to be precise in applying glitter with it!
I know they sell full-sized brushes that look the same, now I'm wondering if they're better quality or if they're the same as this. 

This ridiculous looking contraption is pretty much a cotton ball wrapped in mesh. As crazy as it is, it really does what it was made for.
What was it made for, you ask? You use it to brush away any glitter fallout on your face. I don't know what makes that work, but it does!

Last, we have the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base. I have heard so many people rave about this and always thought "how is it better than other ones I've tried?"
My go-to glitter bases before this were the LA Splash shadow sealer and the Hard Candy Showgirl's Secret Glitter Glue. The LA Splash one is thick and tacky, the Hard Candy one is basically like water, yet it is awesome for getting glitter to stick. This one blows the other 2 away - it's like a mixture of the best things from each of my favorites. It is liquid like the Hard Candy one, but sticky like the LA Splash one. It's clear of course, so no messes, and it's just an all-around great base for glitter. 

It does take a while to dry, which is its one downfall. You need to make absolutely sure you don't fully open your eye until it's dry, otherwise all the glitter you applied is going to transfer to where you don't want it to go! Aside from that, I have really been enjoying it. I'll have the review for the glitters I purchased up soon!

You can check out my Lit Haul here:

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