Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NYX Macaron Lippies in Blue Velvet, Violet, Pistachio and Black Sesame

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Crazy colored lipsticks have been around in the beauty world online for a while now, with companies like Lime Crime, Melt, etc. producing pigmented, fun, not-so-wearable for every day colors. Problem is, while they're cool and everything, most people aren't going to get every day use out of them, so to me it's silly to be paying upwards of $19 for a gray lipstick. Of course they're good for mixing with other colors to see what you can come up with, but with NYX releasing the Macaron Lippies, I was quite excited to try out some affordable (around $6 each depending on where you get them) crazy colors!

I ended up picking the 4 colors that appealed to me most. While I wasn't too impressed with their recent Butter Lipsticks, I can tell you I am pretty impressed with the formula of these! Let's check them out...

The first color I picked was Pistachio. This is a mint green:
Out of the 4, this is the only one that applies patchy. It's not AWFUL, it just isn't as great or as creamy as the other 3 colors that I'm about to rave about. It is, however, a gorgeous and fun shade!

Next is Blue Velvet. This is an electric blue shade:
Oh how I love this color. I just wish I could pull off blue lipstick! This one is so creamy it glides on like a dream, and it is incredibly pigmented. 

Violet is a bright purple and this one is definitely one that you can wear on its own:
I have no problem wearing this one by itself, but it is also nice mixed with different shades of pink. Again, super creamy formula and incredibly opaque.

Last but not least is probably the strangest one I picked, but it's pretty cool as well. It's called Black Sesame, and is a light grey:
I don't know what it is, but I love this color. You can blend a little bit of this with just about any other shade to give it a cooler tone. This one is probably the creamiest of them all, it's crazy!

So aside from the patchiness of Pistachio, the formula on these is great. They are so creamy and feel great on the lips. They last a few hours which is also great - they are all-around amazing for the price. Normally with inexpensive fun colored lipsticks, you end up with a waxy, patchy mess. Not with these babies.

I have had the most fun with Blue Velvet so far, as I found mixing them with different shades of pink will give you about a million different variations of purple colors! That would be my #1 recommendation out of the 4. Violet is great as well, especially for purple lipstick lovers, as you'll be able to wear that one right out of the tube without it being too crazy!

These were featured in my haul video here:

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