Tuesday, April 8, 2014

bh Cosmetics Blending Brush

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bh Cosmetics is always having sales, and they recently has some great deals on already cheap brushes. I ended up getting 2 of these blending brushes for $2.50 each. I figured even if I didn't like them, I wasn't losing much. Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised!

The brush is all black with a silver bh Cosmetics logo on the handle. It does not say the brush name anywhere.
The bristles are also black. The brush itself is very soft and fluffy. I haven't experienced shedding even though it has already been washed a few times since first getting it.
I find that this brush is perfect for applying and blending my transition color when I do my eyeshadow. In fact, it makes it pretty effortless. The shape and size are perfect to do that job and though it is more blunt on the top than my favorite Sonia Kashuk blending brush, this does the job just the same.
I am quite happy I found another high quality yet inexpensive brush that I love. Recently it's been Coastal Scents that has delivered awesome brushes like this for me, but they did not have one shaped quite like this, which is what I've been looking for. I have tried their blending brushes and like them, but they are smaller and flatter, and not as fluffy as this one from bh. 

Like I said, they have sales a LOT so you might want to check out their brush section for more great finds!!

I talk about the brush more in my recent haul video:

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