Monday, April 7, 2014

Illamasqua Eyeshadow in Fledgling

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It seems like a lot of the people I watch on YouTube have been raving about Illamasqua eyeshadows lately. I decided I wanted to try one out and see for myself how they fare against other shadows. I noticed most of their single shadows are matte, and there isn't an enormous array to choose from but I wanted to go with a crazy color, one that I don't have in my collection. I chose Fledgling, a bright matte spring green color.

Illamasqua's packaging has always stuck out to me as very fancy.
The eyeshadow compact is see-through on the top, which makes storage easy because you can see exactly what color you're looking for.
This is a green that I for some reason do not have from any other brand. It's not one you see too often - a matte bright green - probably because it's not a common must-have for most people! But it's very usable and workable in my opinion. 

Here is one swipe of it on my finger:
Swatched with flash:
And without:

The color is very pigmented and soft - you are better off starting with a tiny bit on your brush and slowly building up the color so you don't end up with too much right off the bat! I have no problems blending it, which is awesome because a lot of the times bright matte colors like this end up being chalky, patchy, and hard to work with. That is not the case with this shadow. If all of their matte shades are like this one, then Illamasqua definitely knows how to make a matte!

So this is a lesson learned: a brand of shadow that I put off trying for so long, I ended up really liking. This is bad for my wallet of course, but it has opened up my exploration of the makeup world a little bit more!

I talk about the shadow more in my haul video:

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