Friday, March 21, 2014

Wet n' Wild Poster Child Palette

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Though I was quite disappointed with the 5-pan Art in the Streets palette that I tried a few weeks ago, I was really interested in the new permanent 8-pan palette that Wet n' Wild introduced called Poster Child. It has a bunch of bright, fun colors and for some reason the 8-pans always seem to be of better quality.

There's no glitter/shimmer in this palette - all the shades are either matte or satin finishes.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that these, for the most part, swatch nicely and are of the same quality of their previous 8-pan palettes that we have all come to know and love! The swatches in the following pictures were done on bare skin with NO BASE OR PRIMER.

This is the left side of the palette - you get a light baby pink satin shade, a salmon satin, a matte reddish-coral, and a matte black. The black isn't the best Wet n' Wild black they've ever had, but it is still pretty nice, especially for a matte.

And the right side of the palette - a pale yellow satin, a bright blue-green satin, a matte cornflower blue, and a matte navy blue. As far as yellows go, this yellow is great for a drugstore shadow. The navy blue is the only one that is a little difficult to work with, as it can apply chalky and is a bit hard to blend.

If you didn't have luck with the 5-pan palettes, give this one a shot - it's much more promising than the powdery disappointment that is Art in the Streets!! 

I talk about the palette in this video:

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