Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hard Candy Highlight & Contour Cheek Duo in Cheeks & Balances

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This is one of the new Hard Candy products I was most excited to try out - the Highlight & Contour Cheek Duos. I got the "Cheeks & Balances" one because it is definitely the one I will wear most out of the 3 shades they have.

It has some pretty fun looking packaging - a rectangular twist-up tube and the product itself is rectangular, which I find kind of odd. I guess I'm just used to seeing blush sticks in circular/round forms and not blocky like this.
The color is gorgeous, especially the highlight shade.
The highlighter is a very light iridescent pink that doesn't look so iridescent in the packaging, but you can definitely see it once it is swatched. The blush shade is a medium pink.
This is why I find it odd that it is rectangular - when you use it like this it draws a big block of color on your face! Luckily, it blends out nicely.
I have been REALLY liking this blush. I tend to go for powder blushes all the time, because cream/stick blushes like this almost always never work for me, or anyone else with oily skin for that matter. They always tend to fade fast, or make me feel even more oily. The formulation of this one is pretty dry compared to a lot of stick blushes, but that's not a bad thing because even though it's not incredibly creamy, I have no issues blending it out.

I won't say this lasts ALL day long, but it does have some pretty good staying power. I notice it starts fading after 5-6 hours and just fades to nothing after that. Not a huge deal, but if you like all-day blush this might be a skip for you.

Just some tips on using this product: I don't just draw it on my face in one swipe like I did in my arm swatch up above. I will hold it at an angle so that I just get the highlight side, and put that wherever I want to highlight my face. Then I will turn it around and use some of the blush side on my cheeks. Not sure how well that will work once the product starts flattening out as I go through it, but that's the best way I've found to use it so far!

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I talk more about the blush in this video:

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