Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hard Candy Eyes the Limit Eye Primer

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If you are like me and have what seem to be like the oiliest lids in the world, then you feel my pain when it comes to trying new eye primers. Nothing ever works for me except the ORIGINAL Urban Decay Primer Potion - trust me, I've tried all of their other ones and they all crease like crazy on me. Something about the formula of the original just works for me and has been my go-to for years. The Too Faced Shadow Insurance works okay, the Kat Von D primer is pretty good, and I really liked the Lime Crime one. But none of those last the full morning-to-night-without-creasing like my good ol' UDPP. And other drugstore primers I've tried, forget it - creasy mess after an hour or so. Why am I mentioning this?

Because this new Eyes the Limit primer from Hard Candy, which is a mere 5 bucks, works the EXACT same for me as the UDPP.

I'm not even kidding, I need to sing this products' praises. I like to try new stuff, and I bought it not expecting much from it. However, this is not the first time I've been wowed by an inexpensive Hard Candy product. A lot of their stuff is a huge hit or a huge miss for me, but their Take It Off Lotion Makeup Remover, also only $5, is the best remover I have ever tried and I recommend it to everybody. There's been times where I've done crazy glitter looks for my YouTube channel, and that remover will take off all the glitter in one or two swipes without getting glitter all over your face. I actually think I started using it before I even started my blog, so maybe I will need to do a dedicated review on that soon. But for now, this is about the eye primer.

The primer is slightly thick, it's not VERY thick, but thicker than most primers I have tried out. It's weird because it has a silicone feel to it when you apply it, then dries to feel almost like a powder. My first time using it I was sure it would crease because of that silicone feeling, but nope!
It is very slightly tinted, but nothing too noticeable. You put shadow over it anyway, so I don't find it to be a big deal.

Now call me crazy, but I am even going to say that this primer makes shadows pop even MORE than UDPP. I know. I can't believe I'm saying that either. I absolutely cannot recommend this product enough because this is HUGE to me that a primer this cheap works as well as my holy grail primer, which just seems to keep going up in price!

I can make it from morning to night using this primer and not have any creasing in my shadow. It's THAT good. When I picked it up, Walmart had just put it out and it was fully stocked. I went back the next week, as Walmart is our weekly grocery store shopping trip as well, and they were sold out of it. So I'm sure others are finding out how amazing it is! When you see it, grab it, because this is the best drugstore price range primer you're ever going to find!

I talk more about the primer in this video:

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