Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wet n' Wild Flirting at the After Party Limited Edition Spring 2014 Palette

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This is the Flirting at the After Party spring palette from Wet n' Wild, the purple counterpart to the more neutral Walking the Red Carpet palette that I also just reviewed. This one is going to be a huge hit with any purple shadow lovers!

A lot of these shades happen to be matte. I don't find them to be quite as easy to work with and blend as the Walking the Red Carpet palette, but they are still pretty decent. 

One the left side of the palette:
- Very pale greyish lavender with a satin finish, needs to be built up but overall a nice shade.
- Dark lavender with a slight silver shimmer, very pigmented and nice.
- Bright matte lavender, very nice and smooth for a matte.
- Deep purple with slight shimmer, I have the most trouble with this one. Slightly chalky and hard to blend.

On the right side of the palette:
- Iridescent peach with a pink shift, my favorite in this palette. Very pigmented, the picture does not do it justice!
- Matte pinky violet, this one is nice and isn't too hard to blend.
- Matte light violet, this is another one that needs to be built up/packed on for best pigmentation.
- Matte dark plummy purple, another one that is a bit chalky and takes more effort to work with it.

With using the more chalky colors, which seems to be the 2 dark ones in this palette, it's best to use a white base under them. My favorites are NYX's Eyeshadow Base in white, or NYX's Milk Jumbo Pencil. That ensures that the colors will pop more and not apply so patchy. 

Between the two spring palettes, Walking the Red Carpet is the winner in my book when it comes to smoothness, pigmentation, and overall quality. Flirting at the After Party is a fun one to add to my collection and I LOVE the iridescent color, but I feel like if you have a lot of purple shadows already, this one isn't a huge must have.

I talk about the spring palettes in this video:

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