Tuesday, March 25, 2014

L'Oreal Silkissime Liners

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I was initially going to do 2 separate reviews on these liners, but they are essentially the same product, just different colors. I figured it would make more sense to put them in the same post! These are the new Silkissime eyeliners from L'Oreal and I have been raving about these things to everyone since I tried them. They're amazing!!

The first one I got was the rose gold shade which is just called "Highlight." I ordered this one from the CVS website after seeing Tati on YouTube talking about it. I hadn't heard of these at all yet and wanted to give it a try.
The first thing you will notice is how smoothly and effortlessly the product glides on. It doesn't tug at your skin at all, and is like having the effect of a liquid liner but the ease of working with a pencil.
This shade has been great for an inner corner highlight. I find that it pairs great with just about any look you come up with using the Naked 3 palette! It sets quickly and will not budge, which makes it great as an inner corner highlight because it will last all day - no wearing off!

Once I tried that one and was so impressed, I spotted the black one when I was out one day and grabbed that one as well. 
Same thing - extremely smooth and glides on like a dream. The black is SUPER black and won't budge even if you rub at it. This is great but it's also hard to get it off, even with makeup remover. The highlight one takes some effort to get off, but with the black it's a bit of a struggle.
Also, because it sets so fast you really can't use this as a smudger liner. It sets too quickly to even bother smudging it. This is more of a top lashline only product. You can use them on the waterline, but I found they didn't last too long there, on myself anyway. I rarely have luck with liner staying on my waterline, which is why I hardly ever wear it there!

Aside from being hard to remove, I really enjoy both of these colors and hope they come out with some bright ones. I will mention that I thought these were twist-up pencils at first, but they aren't. You need to sharpen them which isn't really a big deal but I know some people prefer the twist-ups to the kind you have to manually sharpen and vice versa. I hope this review was helpful!

I also did a video raving about them here:

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