Wednesday, March 26, 2014

90's Kid Tag!

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This is something a little different - I thought it would be fun! I saw this on Blonde Velvet Lover's blog and decided to do it as well!

1. Favourite Disney film?
Hands down my favorite was The Little Mermaid. I still watch that movie a lot!
2. NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?
I was strictly BSB, still love them, though I grew a fond liking for Justin Timberlake in my older years lmao. And I still adore the Backstreet Boys!
3. Favourite music artist?
If I can only pick one, then Green Day. Pretty much always has been, and always will be Green Day lol
4. Favourite candy/sweet?
Hmm what DIDN'T I like? I used to hoard candy when I was little, it was pretty bad. I'd say Sour Patch Kids.
5. Weirdest fashion trend?
Leggings of all different insane designs, t-shirts tied at the side, side ponytails and 2 different colors of jelly shoes at all times. I thought I was Punky Brewster, apparently.
6. Favourite game console & game? 
My bro and I were Sega kids. Genesis was where it was at! haha but pretty much every game pissed us off...Beauty and the Beast was no joke. I still don't think I could get past the second level if I pulled it out and attempted it now!!
7. What would you watch after school?
Oh it was pretty much always Nickelodeon. Anything Nickelodeon was cool with me! We didn't have the Disney channel until I was like, 15 or something (I think it became a part of whatever cable package we had at that point) so I grew up with Nickelodeon. The green slime, the orange blimp, all the fun stuff.
8. Favourite book?
I was the biggest R.L. Stine nerd ever. I seriously went to Walden Books (R.I.P!) once a month and my grandma would buy me his newest ones. I had every single Goosebumps book and I believe they're still in her basement! As corny as those were, I also loved his Fear Street series which were meant for older kids because they were creepier, but I liked them just the same. I remember I ordered one through the school book club once and my 4th grade teacher took it away from me because there was a knife on the cover LOL
9. Favourite clothing store?
Gadzooks! That was the coolest store and I miss it.
10. A 90's beauty memory?
Caboodles! I know they still make them but it's fun to think back to when I could fit my entire makeup collection into a small Caboodle lmao
So there we have it - I think that's the first tag I've ever done on here! If you would like to do it as well, I tag YOU!

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