Wednesday, March 5, 2014

OCC Lip Tar in Hollywood from the Plastic Passion Collection

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Hollywood is the one Lip Tar I picked up from the Plastic Passion collection. Not gonna lie, I wanted all of them but let's be real: I'm never going to wear the bright blue and probably wouldn't get much use out of the others, so I stuck with what I knew I would use. The Plastic Passion collection seemed to take forever to come out, so when it finally did I snagged this one up right away. I figured that this would be a great mixing shade/highlighting shade. And I was right!

Hollywood isn't in their "metallic" line, but it seems kind of metallic to me. It's a very pale golden champagne color.
It looks pretty plain in the tube, but is really pretty and unique as far as lip colors go...

Now I won't lie, this color looks horrible on its own. I don't think it was really meant to be worn that way anyway, but on me it makes me look paler than I already am, and pretty dead. It also gathers in your lip lines if you wear it like this. Luckily it doesn't do that when you mix it, which is what I tend to do with it. However, for swatches sake, here it is by itself:

My absolute favorite combo I've come up with so far with it is mixing it with OCC's Nylon Lip Tar. I'll put Hollywood all over my lips first, and then blend Nylon over it. Nylon is a SUPER BRIGHT hot pink color, but blended with Hollywood it creates this gorgeous baby pink with a slight shimmer:

I really hope this is helpful in showing you that even if a color doesn't work on its own, you can turn it into something fabulous!

Check out my video where I talk about the Lip Tar here:

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