Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette RELEASE DATE!!

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Just wanted to quickly update you guys that the much-anticipated Electric Palette from Urban Decay has an official release date of MARCH 18th. Which is awesome, because we don't have to wait long! However, they are doing what they did when Naked 3 was released and it will only be available on urbandecay.com at first. I'm sure it will be at Ulta, Sephora and Macy's a few days after. 

The price is going to be $49 which is kind of high seeing as how there's 10 shadows in it and the bigger palettes with up to 20 shadows are usually $52. Also worth mentioning: Slowburn (neon orange), Savage (neon pink), Jilted (neon purple) and Urban (vivid violet) are not approved for the immediate eye area. This happens with a lot of neon shades and it is a bummer. It happened with the NYX Primal Colors, which every website sells in the eyeshadow section anyway so it makes no sense. Anyway, it's more of a warning if your eyes are super sensitive to use them at your own discretion.

Who's excited? I know I am!! I may just wait to get it from Sephora though so that I can earn my points!

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