Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wet n' Wild 5-Pan Palette in Art in the Streets

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Out of the new 5-pan palettes from Wet n' Wild, this one, "Art in the Streets," stood out to me the most so it is the one I picked up. The others just seem like different variations of colors they've done before. I feel like Wet n' Wild is going backwards in terms of eyeshadow quality. Their original 8-pan palettes were amazing, and even the limited edition ones that they released since then are great. Their trios are, for the most part, great quality too. These? A chalky mess. I don't know if it's because this is an all-matte palette, but they are not up to par with other Wet n' Wild shadows.

You get a purple, orange, yellow, green, and blue in this palette. They all seem really bright, but they are VERY chalky and even with swatching them, they wanted to flake off in chunks on my finger. 
I would say the orange is the best out of the 5 colors, but even that one is pretty powdery. If you don't use a good base with these, they're just going to fade right away into nothing. I was really let down with this one and have no intentions of purchasing any of the other 5-pan palettes. Big thumbs down from me!

I show this palette and talk about it in this haul video:

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