Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sneak Peek at Loads of NEW Urban Decay!!!! Liners, Polishes, Glitter and more!

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A few days ago I found out about the new Electric palette that Urban Decay will be releasing. I came across some other things that I think will get everyone excited as well!! All of this stuff is slated for spring/summer releases and a few of these are already out. Let me just get into it...

Once again, I'll start with the Electric Palette. I'm most excited for this - who DOESN'T love Urban Decay's bright colors? This is a whole palette full of 'em!!!

To go with the Electric theme, there's a set of mini nail polishes.

Annnd 2 new full size polishes in Chaos and Bang - both look to be a cream finish.

These are pretty exciting - new liners!! The first one is "Ink For Eyes" which looks like a felt tip. They seem to just be re-using the name of their old cream liner that I LOVED that came in the coffin-shaped case. Then there's a Black Velvet pencil, which I'm assuming is a matte black liner. A twist-up All Nighter liner. And a liner brush which I'm not sure is going to be separate or come with the gel liner pot - looks like that one is super black and called Super Saturated.

Another new Naked Flushed palette as well! I actually just got Native - that one is available at Sephora right now. Looks like there's a peachy one coming out called Streak, and the original one is now officially named Strip.

New Naked Skin BB Creams in Illuminating and Bornzing - not too excited for these as their original BB Cream didn't work out for me. I got a sample, hated the smell, and it didn't work for my skin because I'm too oily lol. But these will probably appeal to anyone with drier skin!

Annnnnd lastly, glitter and a glitter adhesive called Bondage! Oh, Urban Decay and their names lol. These are all colors they've used before, just in glitter form - there's AC/DC, Catfight, Goldmine, Loaded, Reverb, and Pyrotechnics.

Ugh I better start saving now, because Urban Decay is going to kill my wallet if all this stuff is released at once!!! And to give credit where credit is due, I came across these photos on and wanted to share!!

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