Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wet n' Wild Fergie Take on the Day Mattifying Powder

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I'm always looking for a good mattifying product. My favorites are the De-Slick products from Urban Decay, but I am currently out of the powder version. When I heard that Wet n Wild came out with one in their Fergie line, I knew I had to give it a shot. And what I found is that it's pretty much the same thing as the pricier one!

The packaging is just like the Fergie blushes/highlighters - black, rounded square with the product on top and a mirror that flips up with a little storage space for a powder puff underneath.

The product itself is white, but is translucent on the skin.

It has sort of a dry texture to it, much like the Urban Decay De-Slick Powder.

So how does it perform? So far, this is spot-on with De-Slick. It performs the same for me in every way. Neither of them keep me matte all day long, they're just good for touch-ups when I'm looking shiny. I always use it with a powder puff (good thing they include one!) and gently pat it over my shiny areas. It doesn't affect your makeup in any way, just cuts down on shine. 

Although UD has way cooler packaging, I think the price difference is amazing - $4.99 for this one and $32 for Urban Decay. For something that works exactly the same, I think I'll stick with this one!

I talk about the powder in this video:

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