Saturday, January 11, 2014

L'Oreal Extraordinaire Lip Color in Coral Encore

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I picked up one of the L'Oreal Extraordinaire Lip Colors out of curiosity - L'Oreal lip products are pretty hit or miss for me. I absolutely hated the Colour Caresse Aqua Stains or whatever they were called, but then they impressed me recently with the laLaque and leMatte lipsticks, which were only out for a limited time unfortunately. With the Extraordinaire liquid lip colors, it seems like L'Oreal's answer to the Maybelline Color Elixirs. It is a liquid lipstick, but more like a gloss with staying power and everything.

The color I picked was Coral Encore - I figured it was a nice shade for spring and I don't often do a coral lip.

The applicator is very similar to the Maybelline Color Elixirs as well - kind of a bent doe foot:

The formula is a little thick, not sticky at all. It has a citrus scent, but a floral taste. I hate when lip products do that - the floral taste gets to me and I don't end up reaching for the product. The Maybelline Color Elixirs are the same - they have a vanilla scent but floral taste. Very odd!! This color gives a nice shine and has hints of shimmer in it:
It can definitely be built up in color, but it is not as pigmented as I anticipated. It's a fancy looking gloss, at best. Bring back the laLaques and leMattes, L'Oreal! I only got to get one of each of those babies before they stopped carrying them everywhere and I love them so much! I'm sure a lot of others would agree with me that those would be a huge hit in their permanent line. I know so many people that weren't even able to find them before they discontinued them, and I was really hoping that they were just testing them out and would introduce them into the permanent line come spring time. So far, it doesn't look like that will happen. Boo!!

I talk about the Extraordinaire Lip Color in this video:

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