Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crazy Awesome Find: La Femme Blushes

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Just wanted to mention that I am now working with a light box and still working on getting the lighting right!

I have recently come across a cheap blush that is INSANE and I am in love. I can't take credit for finding them on my own, as I spotted them first in emilynoel83's Christmas haul video, but I need, like NEED to share these with you guys!

I first ordered 2 of the ones Emily showed - Framboesia and Magenta - and then went back and ordered 3 more. Now the thing is, the site you get them from, MakeupMania, has really crappy pictures of the colors. So while there's like 50 colors to choose from, it's really hard to pick. The ones I did end up picking were chosen by me trying to Google swatch pictures and see which colors I liked. So, kind of a hassle. But these babies are only $3.50 each and boy oh boy are they pigmented!!

I'm going to start with the most tame color, which is Misty Plum:
This one is a matte mauvey washed-out plum color. 
On the left is a heavy swatch, on the right it is blended out.

Next up is Pink:
This one is a matte bright pink shade.
 Again, heavy swatch on the left and blended out on the right.

This one is a deep hot pink with silver sparkle.
 In the heavy swatch you can definitely see the glitter, in the lighter one you can tell it blends out.

Then we have Magenta:
This one is a matte purply pink. Very out of my comfort zone for blush, but soooo pretty!

And finally, Red:
This is a slightly shimmery true red.
I thought this one was really fun - and actually like it a lot!

The colors range from matte to highly shimmery as you can tell, but all of them are excellent quality. Sometimes matte blushes (or any matte powder products for that matter) can be very powdery/chalky/hard to work with, but I have no issues with these at all! 

The only thing is you have to be VERY careful because they are so pigmented. I have to apply them with a stippling brush, nothing else. You seriously need one light tap of product for each cheek, and you're good. The only one out of the 5 that I have that is slightly forgiving is the Misty Plum one, but even that can go overboard on the pigmentation sometimes. Just be careful applying, blend it out well, and you will fall in love!

I talk more about how awesome these blushes are in this video:

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