Sunday, December 22, 2013

RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Lipsticks

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If you follow my blog you know the struggle I had with the RiRi Hearts MAC fall collection - lots of issues trying to order all day on the site, only to end up empty-handed. That was a bummer because there was tons I wanted from that collection. With the holiday collection, I was really only interested in the Pleasure Bomb lipstick.
Again, they did the waiting room thing and it was taking forever. For some reason, I got right through when I tried my phone instead of my computer. In my rush to make sure I got through quick enough to make sure stuff wouldn't be taken out of my cart, I added all 3 lipsticks because I wanted to see them in person anyway, and bought them.
The packaging is a different spin on the ALL rose-gold of the fall collection. These boxes are an iridescent white with the rose-gold "R" and Rihanna's signature. The lipstick tubes are rose-gold on top and white on the bottom.

The colors, which I'm sure you've seen everywhere, are Pleasure Bomb, RiRi Woo, and Bad Girl RiRi.
Pleasure Bomb is a matte magenta-pink. RiRi Woo is a matte bright red. Bad Girl RiRi is a matte brownish nude.
And here they are with no flash.

I've got to say, upon receiving them the only one I knew I was going to definitely love was Pleasure Bomb. It's such a gorgeous pink! The RiRi Woo, I'm still not sure on. All the swatches I saw looked like a very bright red but in person it looks like all the other reds I own and have been using lately so I can't decide if I want to rip into it yet or not lol. And the Bad Girl RiRi, forget it - I already sold that one because seeing it in person made me realize it was way too dark for me and I would never wear it.

So, here is Pleasure Bomb on my lips:
Though it's a matte, it isn't super drying on my lips. MAC's mattes are weird because some can be overly drying, and some aren't. This is one of the ones that isn't very drying at all, and I can get about 6 hours of wear before noticing any fading. It's one of those colors that stains, so when it fades it's an even fade. I always love that in a lip color! That way you don't have to worry about having uneven looking lip color if you're not able to touch-up!

All in all, I think Bad Girl RiRi is a gorgeous nude for darker skin tones but it's not my cup of tea. RiRi Woo is a gorgeous red but very dupe-able. And Pleasure Bomb is, of course, the winner in this collection!

If you'd like to see the video I filmed when I first got these, check it out here:

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