Monday, December 23, 2013

Coastal Scents Classic Blender Natural Brush

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I'm slowly starting to collect some Coastal Scents brushes, because I was so impressed with the two that I got last time. This one is the Classic Blender (Natural). There is also a synthetic one, though this one looked more fluffy.
Again I must emphasize how awesome the Coastal Scents brushes are at such an affordable price. This one was only $2.95!
This is a GREAT blending brush. I have been using this one a lot to feather out color - I'll apply a crease color or transition color and then use this brush with nothing on it to help blend it out. It works well for applying color too of course, but I find I like it best just for blending things out and making them look pretty!
It looks like it may want to fray a bit the more I wash it, but so far it has been fine. It's also very soft, like the others that I've tried. None of the brushes I've bought from Coastal Scents have shed so far, so that's a pretty huge deal too. Cheap brushes that work well and don't shed? Who would've thought?!

I mention the brush in this video:

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