Friday, December 20, 2013

December Starbox

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The December Starbox is here, and like last year it includes one of their 15-shade eyeshadow palettes. Those of you who thought the one I showed last year was too crazy color-wise should be pleasantly surprised by the wearable shades in this one. To refresh your memory, here is my review on last years palette.
*Disclaimer: Starlooks sent this box to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

This year, the palette comes in a white box. I couldn't remember the one from last year having any packaging but after just looking at the blog post I saw that it had a black box with holes cut out in the front to show each color. I think the new packaging looks much better.

And here are the contents of the box:

Without flash:
With flash:

This is a much more neutral palette than last year. Not sure if they sent several different ones out again, but the one I got is called New Year's Eve 2014. I'm going to go through each row of colors and describe them for you, as they don't have specific color names.

Metallic silver
Matte cranberry (really disappointed in the pigmentation of this one)
Shimmery green with hints of gold sheen
Matte grayed-plum. Hard to describe color. Very pigmented but very soft and chalky.
Matte black - awful pigmentation

Sandy beige with pink shift - my favorite in the palette. Very soft, pigmented, and unique!
Shimmery white - very pigmented as far as whites go
Matte red-toned brown - again, lacks pigmentation
Shimmery red-toned brown
Deep shimmery purple with gold and red sparkles - this one is almost an exact dupe for Blackheart from Naked 3

These were my attempts at capturing how pretty that sandy beige color is - you can see the pink shift in the second photo.

Matte sandy beige - this one is pretty pigmented
Satin cream
Metallic brown
Metallic olive green
Brown with gold glitter - the glitter transfers really well!
- I have no issues with this last row - they all perform great.

So as you can see, the pigmentation is pretty great except for a few of the mattes. Those are really hit or miss in this palette. I did my shadow today using this palette and ended up with this look:
I used that sandy beige/pink shift color, which is my favorite from the palette, on the inner half of my lid. Then I used the Blackheart dupe color in my crease/outer half of the lid, and the matte deep plum color in the outer corner. I also used the brown with gold glitter on my lower lash line. 

All in all, I like this palette loads better than last year. There's an issue with some colors, sure, but overall they perform pretty well. Is this worth the $99 that they charge for their 15-shade palettes? Not at all, and I don't think anyone would buy it for that price. But that is the appeal of the box - if you're subscribed, you get this for $15 plus shipping instead of $99. For $15 yes, it is a good deal lol. As always, you can subscribe to Starbox on :)

For live swatches/first impressions, check out my video:

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