Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lime Crime Velvetines

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As some of you may know, Lime Crime released their newest Velvetine, Pink Velvet, on Black Friday. The site was having a 30% off sale and completely crashed, so this was another "pull my hair out with frustration" makeup order for me. They extended the sale, but it was really unfair because the people who WERE getting through that night ended up getting stuff for 60% off - the lipsticks were priced at 30% off, plus the 30% off code worked. In the split seconds that the site did work, it let me get to the cart, but then checkout wouldn't work. I got paranoid that they were going to charge my card a bunch of times, so I gave up and ordered Saturday morning - but only got the 30% off. Did anyone else have that issue? I do not like it when companies can't prepare for things that they know are going to be big releases/sales. A lot of people on their Facebook page were saying that their site crashes every year when they do Black Friday. That's pretty ridiculous. Not to mention it took about 11 days to get to me. At any rate, I do love the lipsticks and will let you guys know how they perform!
Velvetines are liquid lipsticks that dry to a completely matte finish. They originally had Red Velvet and Suedeberry, and released Pink Velvet on Black Friday. I had never tried the previous colors but heard rave reviews about them, so I decided to get the new color, Pink Velvet, and the awesome red, Red Velvet.
They come in tubes much like a lip gloss, and they have small doe foot applicators. I prefer to apply these with a lip brush, just because they are so insanely pigmented that it gives you better control and makes less of a mess than the doe foot applicator does.

See? A little goes a LONG way which is awesome, but you definitely need more control than the doe foot. On initial application, I find that if you put too much product on, it wants to bleed right away. You have to be very careful to prevent this. Once it dries, it's set and it will last you pretty much all day.

This is one small swipe of Pink Velvet:
And on the lips:
They definitely have a velvety looking finish to them, which is nice and very unique. Pink Velvet is a bright pink, one of my favorite lip colors to wear.

Red Velvet:
This is an insane bright blue-based red. I fell in love with this because it is exactly like the Hourglass Icon shade that I raved about, yet it tends to last longer than the Hourglass one does, and it is cheaper at $20 instead of $28.

So here's the deal with these: they are crazy pigmented, but you need to be careful applying them. Once they dry, they set and are really hard to remove - I mean, I have to scrub them off even with makeup remover/wipes. They are pretty comparable to my all-time favorite liquid lipsticks, the Kat Von D Everlasting Love ones. The only difference is, if you eat anything oily like salad dressing, etc. with these on, they will need to be touched up whereas you can eat whatever you want with the KVD ones and they'll still be good. However, these don't ever feel drying like the KVD ones tend to do, which is AMAZING for a matte lipstick product.

All in all, I'm extremely happy with these. I might have to pick up Suedeberry next time they have a sale, though I hope their site doesn't have so many issues again!!

I talk about the Velvetines in this video:

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