Thursday, December 12, 2013

Covergirl truMagic Skin Perfector

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The truMagic line is 3 new products from Covergirl with a unique texture - there is highlighter and bronzer as well, but the mattifier is what intrigued me. It's called the Skin Perfector and is essentially a clear balm that perfects your pores and gives your skin a matte, flawless finish.
I was skeptical about this at first - I normally am that way about mattifying products, because not many of them end up working for me. This one is an exception.
It comes with a little sponge that is great for applying the product - as a matter of fact, I don't know what would be good for applying this other than a sponge! It's got a balmy texture when you touch it, but feels dry and silky as soon as you apply it. It's pretty weird! There are a few different ways to use this, as I've been experimenting with it for this review and I can tell you, it works great any way that you choose to use it!

You can use it as a primer - just dab on all over your face after moisturizer but before putting on any makeup - you can go bare-faced with it and not use any foundation,, as it mattifies and makes your skin look nice, but of course there's no color correction with it, so if you have problem areas you're still going to want your foundation/concealer. In that case, putting your makeup right over it works great - then you can dab some more on over the top of your makeup for some extra shine protection. This is something you can use for touch-ups throughout the day, as it doesn't seem to smear or interfere with any of the makeup already on the face. Although, I don't find that I even need to touch-up until the very end of the night when I'm about to take my makeup off anyway, it's THAT good!

Out of the several new products Covergirl has released lately, this one is my favorite, hands down. I love that it actually does what it says, and works all day long on oily skin!

Check out my first impressions video here:

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