Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bite Beauty Best Bite Set

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Because I wanted to spend my $20 Sephora V.I.B. card before it expired, I took the approach of finding something from a brand I've been meaning to try but haven't had a chance to yet. Bite Beauty is one I've heard many good things about, and they just happen to have this little set available for $25 for the holidays. It comes with 3 colors from their permanent line, and one limited edition color for this special set. These are only slightly smaller than the full size lip pencil-style lipsticks, (They have normal lipsticks too, but these are more like not-so-chubby pencil style lipsticks), so it's a great deal to try 4 colors from them!

The set comes in a cute tin that reminds me of Altoids - it even has the little waxed paper-type thing inside!
It has a mirror as well, which I wasn't expecting. This is really nice to throw in your bag because you get a pink, mauve, red, and nude - every basic lip color you need so you'll always be prepared!
Thought I would include this bit of info - the lipsticks themselves don't really have any scent at all, but they have a faint fruity taste, and this explains it - made with organic fruit butters!

Just seeing the ends of the packaging that show the colors got me excited - these are so pretty!

Quince is a deep pink:

Rhubarb is a dark mauve:

Cranberry is the limited edition shade and it's a classic red:

And Madeira is a light nude:

Quince, Rhubarb, Cranberry, Madeira

These are SUPER creamy lipsticks that moisturize and feel amazing on your lips (they seriously feel like a moisturizing lip balm and are a pleasure to wear!) But even for being a creamy product like they are, they manage to last all day long. I got about 5 hours of wear before I even noticed the colors start fading a bit. When they do fade, you're left with a nice even stain - except for Madeira, because it's so light - that one is the only one that just fades off into nothing. I love the twist-up packaging, because it means no need for sharpening. 

I dare say it, these have become a new holy grail lipstick for me. Looks lovely, feels lovely, they are an absolute pleasure. I am excited to try other things from Bite Beauty, as this has opened my eyes to a whole new company that I never tried before! So there you have it, I am highly enjoying these and definitely recommend checking them out! Like I said, this little set if $25 for 4 different colors, which is a great deal. This would make a perfect stocking stuffer or even a little treat for yourself!

I show the lipsticks in this video:

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