Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coastal Scents Color Me Fuchsia Brush Set

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This is a super cute travel set from Coastal Scents that come in a nice little case. The site didn't say anything about them being travel size, but I guess the case is a give away? At any rate, they're not super small so it's no big deal.

I like that these are bright pink and have black tips - they remind me of the Sedona Lace Midnight Lace brushes.
The set includes 5 brushes, pretty much the main brushes you need to complete any look. They come in a handy black travel case that zips all the way around.

Detail Brush:
This one is really tiny. The best thing to use it for, in my opinion, is inner corner highlighting or applying gel liner to your waterline. It definitely comes in handy for those tasks.

Concealer Brush:
This one is really nice and works perfectly with the Coastal Scents concealer quad that I posted about yesterday. It's flat like a concealer brush, but has a little bit of fluff to it so it blends great. Sometimes when they're super stiff, you tend to see the fine lines from the bristles in your makeup. This one doesn't do that.

Blender Brush:
This one is nice and fluffy, and excellent for blending out shadows. 

Eye Shadow Brush:
This is a short dome-shaped shadow brush for all-over color application. It reminds me a lot of the e.l.f. Professional C-Brush.

Powder Brush:
This is sooooo soft. It is big and fluffy, so I use it more for setting powder and blush than anything else. I like using it with blushes that I find to be super pigmented and hard to work with, because it won't pick up too much product!

All the brushes in this set are synthetic and incredibly soft. I love their brushes because they are such great prices, but also great quality. I've had a lot of cheap brushes in the past that were scratchy and shed everywhere, but these stay soft and never shed! All the ones I've purchased from Coastal Scents have cleaned up great and maintained their shape, so I have a huge love for the brushes from this company!

I show the brushes in this video:

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