Saturday, December 28, 2013

Coastal Scents Camo Quad Concealer in Light

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This concealer palette is from Coastal Scents and only $7.95. I actually picked this up for my grandmother because she always goes to me for makeup questions, and she wanted a concealer palette with different correctors/colors. I ended up picking up one for myself as well! This really is a great little product to have - I have been enjoying it a lot.

You get four colors - there are different shades of these palettes - they have Light, Medium, Dark and there is also a color corrector palette. You can get the set of all 4 palettes for $24.97 which is great for makeup artists, as these are great concealers and you'll basically have everything you need for clients with those 4 quads.
With this one, you get a white to help lighten and brighten, a yellow-tone, your light skin tone color, and a salmon tone. All can be mixed together in any way you please to create the perfect concealer look that you are going for. I have really been liking the white to help brighten my under eyes, but you need to be very light-handed with these because a little goes a long way!

Yellow tone:
Salmon tone:
Skin tone:
White, yellow, salmon, skin tone

These concealers are very creamy and blendable, and like I said, can be mixed together in any way you like. I like that you have options to create custome shades, and love that they included a white because you can use it to brighten any of the other colors, and to highlight your face/under eye area. I usually have issues with concealers creasing under my eyes but don't experience it too much with this product as long as I use a good moisturizer beforehand!

I talk about the quad in this video:

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