Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Maybelline Master Hi-Light Highlighting Blush in Pink Rose

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Out of all the new Maybelline things coming out, these Master Hi-Light blushes intrigued me the most. I actually ordered this from eBay because I can't find them anywhere near me yet. This is the color Pink Rose, and it stood out to me as the one I would get the most use out of color-wise!

At first I thought this product would be more of a highlighter but once I got my hands on it, it is most definitely a blush. It packs too much color to use it to highlight, although I dipped my finger into just the white shade to use as a highlight on my cheekbones and LOVE the way it looks!
They are put together in a cool cross-hatch basket-weave type of pattern and when blended together, the shades in this one create a shimmery medium pink blush.

The product pan flips up to reveal a mirror underneath, as well as one of their little brushes that I never end up using for anything:

Here are the 4 shades swatched separately:

And blended together:

I think I would be completely in love with this product if they had done a split-pan type packaging - having half of it be the white highlighter shade and the other half be the 3 pink shades to blend together, because that white would be a pretty kickass product to use on its own. Like I said I have been using it that way, but the strips of it are so small that it's difficult to get at it without getting some of the pink on your finger as well. There are 4 different compacts in this line and Pink Rose is the only one with this white highlight color. I am liking it enough to maybe pick up another one in a different shade, though!

In these photos, I have the shades blended together on my cheeks and the white shade as a highlighter.
It really gives you a nice glow without being overly shimmery!

The blush is featured in this video:

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