Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sinful Colors Crystal Crushes

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I don't think that these are necessarily a "holiday" collection because I heard about them a while ago, but I was just now able to find them. The Crystal Crushes are a line of textured polishes from Sinful Colors. I picked up 2 pretty unique ones to share with you guys!
I'm a huge fan of sparkly textured polishes, so I was pretty excited to see these.
The first one is Blue Persuasion:
It is a cream violet-blue with pink glitter in it.
Love this one. My collection of textured polishes is growing, but I have nothing like this one!!

The other one I picked up is "Got A Blush On You."
This one is a deep magenta with pink and violet glitter.
This is gorgeous and super sparkly. 

I'm always talking about how Sinful Colors polishes are great quality, and these are just the same. The thing I love with them, as with any textured polish, is that when it chips you can just quickly touch it up because it's not smooth - you can't tell where there's any imperfections! I think that right there is what made me love textured polishes in the first place.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post - more to come soon! Also, I talk about the polishes in this video:

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