Friday, November 8, 2013

Ornaments Nail Colors

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These polishes were just too cool for me to stay away from. I mean, look at the bling!!
None of them have color names, (these generic drugstore polishes never seem to have them anyway) but they are really good quality. I believe these are from the same company that makes the snowman and pumpkin polishes and everything (they were right next to the snowman ones and pretty much same colors just different bottles) but I find that they are always really nice quality - these are no exception!
I picked up 3 shades - a cream hot pink that has multi-colored, different sized glitters, a densely packed pink and silver micro glitter, and a red microglitter with slightly larger silver glitter (perfect for Christmas!)

I did the swatches on paper due to not having any fake nails left - I really have to order some swatch wheels for these posts!

This one is pretty unique, and I didn't really like it at first but it grew on me! You need a couple of coats but it is a cool polish.

This one has TONS of glitter. You can get it decently opaque with a couple coats.

And this one is, like I said, perfect for Christmas. You can't really see the silver glitters with this lighting but they are there!

Hope everyone enjoyed this post, lots more to come soon - I am so backed up on reviews that I have started a notebook of everything so I don't forget anything!! I have lots more nail polish coming up as well as some holiday-related items.

I talk about the polishes in this video:

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