Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sephora Black Magic Palette

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This is just a little Palette I picked up on a whim while I was ordering from the VI.B. sale. And I'm glad I did!
First let me go off topic and say how cute the free tote they gave out is:
This is going to come in handy that's for sure!

Back to the palette:
It comes with 12 shadows and 2 blushes, and all the color names are on the back. Although I think they goofed with the printing because a few say matte when they clearly have glitter on them, and the green is really a navy blue...

It comes with a decent size mirror and the shadows are a good size too, especially for cramming 12 of them into a small palette! The blushes are rectangular and hard to get your brush into, but with a little coaxing you can figure it out.

Here's the palette without flash:
And with flash:

So for the first row across the top there is:
Navy Blue Matte - deep navy blue with blue glitters (don't get why it's called matte!)
Silver - light shimmery silver
White Gold - sheer white gold shimmer
Matte Cream - light matte cream

Second row:
Dark Green Matte - this may have a *tinge* of green to it, but I swear it just looks navy blue in person lol
Grey - Metallic silver, not really grey 
Bronze - metallic golden bronze
Beige - shimmery champagne

Third row:
Dark Plum Matte - blackened purple with multi-colored glitter. This is super soft and pigmented, and my favorite color in the palette!
Black Glitter - matte black with silver glitter
Brown - medium brown with gold shimmer
Gold - very light metallic gold

And the blushes:
Pink Blush - shimmery light pink that can be used as a highlighter if used lightly
Peach Blush - matte peach, this one is a bit powdery but very pretty

This is a great little palette with a good mix of colors, both mattes and shimmers. I love most of the colors, especially the purple! The blushes are nice too, I just wish they were a little bigger, or maybe square-shaped so that getting my blush brush in the product wouldn't be such an issue. Other than that, this gets a big thumbs up!

You can see me talk about the palette in this video:

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