Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Urban Decay Urban Essentials 500 Point Sephora V.I.B. Perk

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I cashed in 500 points to get this V.I.B. perk - the Urban Decay Urban Essentials set! I loved that they included the b6 spray and the All Nighter spray, because I've been wanting to try both of those products but didn't want to commit to full sizes until I knew if they worked for me or not.
So you get 4 deluxe samples in this set: the b6 Spray, All Nighter Setting Spray, Anti-Aging Primer Potion, and their eyeshadow in the color Mushroom.

The b6 Spray is .50 oz:
It is described as a vitamin-infused complexion prep spray. It is supposed to reduce redness, minimize pores, and absorb oil. This feels really nice when you spray it on - very refreshing and cool. I find that it does help calm my skin and any redness. Pore minimizing? I don't ever see a difference in my pores when I use ANY pore minimizer, so didn't notice a real difference there. I can't say it helped too much with oil, as my forehead gets pretty oily by the end of the day using just this under my makeup to put it to the test.

The All Nighter Spray is also .50 oz:
This is a long-lasting makeup setting spray. This stuff works pretty well and keeps my makeup looking good till the end of the day, although by itself it doesn't do much to stop shine/oil.

The Anti-Aging Primer Potion is .13 oz:
I hadn't tried this yet because my current Primer Potion tube isn't even half empty so I didn't see a need to buy this one. It's a good thing I didn't, because much like the Sin Primer Potion and any other one they've made other than the original, this creases on me. NOTHING works for me primer-wise except the original, so I will always stick with that one! In all my years of makeup loving, I have only come across 2 primers that keep my eyeshadow looking good all day without creasing: the original Primer Potion, and Lime Crime's Eyeshadow Helper. Every single other one I've tried creases, though some faster than others, they all crease! I must have superbly oily lids or something, cause it's pretty annoying.

And lastly, the Mushroom eyeshadow is 0.03 oz:
The packaging for this is cardboard but still super cute - it has a magnet closure so you don't have to worry about it being popped open all the time.
This is a pretty shimmery greyish taupe color that has been in some of their palettes before. Definitely a nice color, I enjoy it!

This is the most exciting 500-point perk Sephora has had in a while, so I was happy to snag it while it lasts! I also did a video with this set in it here:

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