Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Starbox

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It's baaaaack! Remember I used to review Starboxes every month? Well, I am starting again, with the October Starbox. This one was sent to me for free - all opinions are my own. Let's take a look at the 3 goodies that were sent in this box...
The first thing I noticed was that their packaging is now white - it was black before:
I think I like the look of the white better, just because sooooo many companies have black packaging. It's kind of refreshing to see something bright.
They also sent along a 40% off code "ILOVESTARLOOKS" that starts November 10th and ends December 15th, just head on over to The Starlooks Website to use it!

The first thing in the box is a Tendergloss in the color Puzzy. This retails for $13. 
They also have Tendergloss lipsticks, which I have 2 of from previous boxes. They are a super moisturizing formula and I love the way they feel on the lips. Though this one is just a gloss described as a "natural lip color enhancer for all skin tones" and doesn't pack a lot of punch color-wise, it gives a nice pink sparkle to your lips:

Next we have a Gem Pencil in the color Mirage. Retail: $14. I was excited when I saw this, because I have a green one that I love - although I believe they used to be called Diamondline Pencils. 
This one is a metallic silver that is going to be great for holiday looks! These pencils glide on very smooth and are quite pigmented.
Here it is with and without flash. The only downside to these, is they tend to blend away into nothing. So the best place for them is the upper lash line, where you're not going to be worrying about it. It doesn't tend to last on the lower lash line or waterline for very long.

The last thing we have is my favorite thing in the box: a 3-pan Blush Palette in the shade 3B1 (the colors themselves don't have separate names). Retail: $46.
All 3 shades are colors that I love for blush. These are smooth and almost creamy even though they are very much a powder product. They aren't chalky at all, which is awesome.
The first shade is a bright, matte pink.
The middle shade is more of a dusty pink that isn't really shimmery, but has a sort of sheen to it.
And the last is a dusty, deep rose color. This one is matte as well.
Here they are without and with flash - extremely pigmented and they don't tend to fade throughout the day like some blushes do either, which is a huge plus. Very impressed with this palette.

So that is it for the October Box! I hope you guys enjoyed this, as I am looking forward to doing more Starbox reviews each month. 

If you give the gift of a Starbox subscription to a friend or loved one for the holidays, they will receive the December Starbox, which is a $99 value. It contains the 15-shade eyeshadow palette. I got the palette last year (they sent out several different ones) and can show you my review of it here: http://www.sheputshermakeupon.com/2012/12/december-starbox.html

As I said, not everyone got the same palette so I'm not saying that's the one you will receive, but it's just to give you an idea of what you'll be getting (or whoever you get the subscription for!) They also sell 15-pan palettes on the Starlooks site HERE, but the holiday ones they send out are different from any of the ones that you can normally order.

If you subscribe before November 10th you will receive the November box, and if you subscribe before December 10th you will receive the December box with the $99 value eyeshadow palette. Subscriptions are only $15/month plus shipping.

You can check out my first impressions video for the October Starbox here:

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