Saturday, November 23, 2013

November Starbox

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Today I have a review of the November Starbox for you guys. This was sent to me for review purposes. If you are still thinking of signing up, you can do so at and if you do it before December 10th you'll be in for the December box - which is the 15 shade pro eyeshadow palette valued at $99! You can also give the gift of Starbox to a friend or loved one. Subscriptions are $15/month plus shipping. If you would like to see what was inside this months' box, let's take a peek!
The first thing I noticed when I opened this box is that the info cards that are always inside are now printed on paper instead of cardstock, so they're a bit flimsy. Not a huge deal, just a noticeable difference when you're used to it being a certain way.

There were 4 products inside - a pencil sharpener, liner brush, eyeshadow palette, and gel liner.

The shadow palette is "Monaco" and just launched with this box. It retails for $41.
There is a matte white, shimmery taupe, matte navy, matte red-orange, and shimmery yellow gold. To me, this is an odd color combo for a palette. I think on their own the shadows are nice but I don't think I'll get a WHOLE look using just this palette.
Swatches with flash:
Swatches without flash:
The matte white and matte navy are a bit chalky but I didn't have issues with the other colors. As a matter of fact, they're pretty nicely pigmented. 

Next is the gel Infinity Liner in the color "Orion." It retails for $13. 
This is described as a sultry jade color, and is just that. I LOVE the color. I actually have one of these liners from a past box, and it's a really light pink - though I never use it as liner because it's too light for that, I use it as a shadow base for light pink looks. You can use this as a base as well, though it's awesomely pigmented so it makes a great pop-of-color eyeliner!
The staying time is pretty good as well, but I will say it does stain a tiny bit!

The slanted liner brush #824 retails for $18. It has firm yet soft bristles that are going to be great as an eyebrow brush as well. I like that it's really thin, because a lot of angled liner brushes like this that I've tried are WAY too thick for me, especially for doing brow work.

Last is a bonus item, a pencil sharpener:
I initially thought that something was wrong because none of my pencils would fit in it - but duh, it had some type of stopper plastic piece in it haha! It's just your average pencil sharpener, nothing special here.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review and my video!


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