Monday, November 25, 2013

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

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I am late on reviewing this, but that's because I was late getting it! I originally wasn't going to - I kept telling myself I didn't need another big palette, especially with Naked 3 on the way. But my wonderful husband told me to get it last time we went to Sephora (his idea, not mine - I was just at the mall to get Rose Jam showergel from LUSH!) so I went for it.
The first thing you notice about this palette is its gorgeous packaging. It has a button to pop the lid open and it actually stays open instead of laying flat - it just looks neat in general.
There are 20 brand new shadows in here and a great array of colors, though most have shimmer/glitter. If you're more of a matte person, you may want to stay away from this one!

It comes with a double ended brush as most of their palettes do - I've never been a fan of their brushes but this one is decent.
One end is a fluffy shadow brush, the other is a crease/blending brush which isn't fluffy enough to use as a blending brush for my preferences, but works well for applying color in the crease.

Now for the shadows! First is Smokeout:
This is a dark taupey black satin.

Matte black with iridescent micro glitter. This one is the least pigmented in the palette and actually lighter than Smokeout.

Bright metallic silver. Total aluminum foil effect!

Medium metallic pink with gold iridescence. This is a pretty unique pink, as far as my shadow collection goes anyway!

Baby pink satin. 

Matte deep navy blue with turquoise micro glitter. This is so awesome with a blue smokey eye.

Bright metallic blue with blue micro glitter. Another awesome blue in this palette.

Antique gold shimmer with silver micro glitter. More on the yellow-gold side, perfect for the holidays coming up!

Olive green shimmer with iridescent micro sparkles. One of my favorites in the palette.

Charcoal satin with iridescent micro sparkles. In some lights this looks like it almost has a maroon shimmer to it. Very cool color.

Metallic brown with iridescent micro glitter. This one looks chunky, but it's actually nice and smooth and doesn't have crazy fallout like the old chunky glitters did.

Bright metallic emerald. Another awesome holiday color!

Metallic purple with iridescent purple micro glitter. This one has a similar texture to Radar where it looks chunky but isn't. This is a favorite of mine!

Bright purple satin with blue shift. This color is amazing and yet another favorite of mine from the palette!

Medium metallic taupey-brown shimmer. One of the few neutral shades here.

Warm satin champagne. Makes a nice highlight.

Metallic copper-pink. This is another unique color, not something you see too much of.

Matte light nude. So glad they included this because I always love when a big palette includes a nude for highlighting/blending out other shades.

Metallic brown satin. This one almost has bit of a red tone to it.

Matte medium brown. This one is darker than it looks in the pan. I've found it to be a perfect transition color.

All in all, I absolutely love this palette and am glad I finally got it. I'll go ahead and say this should be on everyone's holiday wish list!

I talk all about this lovely palette in this video:

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