Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cinderella Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set

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I was debating even doing a review on this set, but decided to go with it because you know what? If I just found this at Sephora then that means that there's probably plenty of other Sephoras that still have it too. As a matter of fact, mine has the whole Cinderella collection (tons of palettes!) along with the Ariel quads and Jasmine nail polish sets. I guess they were getting rid of all their overstock/leftovers for the holidays? At any rate, I saw this in person and had no idea why I didn't pick it up when the Cinderella collection first came out. All the colors are gorgeous!
The back of the box (I ripped mine by accident trying to open it!) shows the names of the colors:
Inside, the lipsticks are nestled in a velvety black container. The packaging on the lipsticks is gorgeous - mirrored silver with a sort of leafy design. Unfortunately, they hold fingerprints really well so if that drives you nuts, it's a downside! The tops of the caps all have a "C" that looks like Cinderella's carriage!

The first color is Lady Tremaine, photographed here without and with flash:
This is a deep, red-toned berry. It looks a lot darker in the tube than it does on the lips, but is also a very buildable color. It gives a nice shine to the lips.

The next color is Pumpkin, a pastel peach semi-matte:
This is a really pretty color, one I would wear on a regular basis! It's one of those nudes that isn't TOO nude, you know?

Who Is She? is a light pinky-mauve:
This one is quite creamy and very similar to Urban Decay's Naked lipstick. 
For the heck of it, Naked is on the left and Who Is She? is on the right here:
Who Is She? Is slightly pinker, but a pretty good dupe!

The last colors is My Moment. This is a super pale pink with gold and pink glitter:
This one has a drier texture, probably due to the amount of glitter in it:
I really didn't think I'd end up liking this color but actually love it! It is nice on its own or layered over other light pinks.

All of the colors in this set are pretty moisturizing and have a few hours of wear time, so I'd say they're a huge hit! $25 for 4 high quality lipsticks is a steal. I definitely recommend checking out or calling your local Sephoras to see if they have any Disney collection items left, because I had no idea that there was so much leftover stuff at this location!

I talk about the lipstick set in this video:

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