Friday, November 29, 2013

LORAC Platinum Status Palette

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I am so excited about this palette - it is my new favorite find as of late. If you missed it, I reviewed the Solid Gold Palette the other day. That one is the more warm-toned palette, this is the cool-toned one. And it's a beauty!
At a mere $12, I can't stress enough what a great gift this is for the beauty lover on your list. You're getting 5 full-sized shadows from a high-end brand for 12 bucks. And the shadows themselves are amazing! I said in the other review that as much as I like the Solid Gold palette, this one is my favorite of the two. Let's take a look...
This palette has some really pretty packaging - it looks white, but has a purple iridescence to it!

Inside we have 5 shadows that are a definite must for any purple lover. Here they are with flash:
And without flash:

Again, these colors don't have specific names, but they are:
Satin cream (nice all-over color, or highlight color):

Iridescent peach with pink shift (love this as an inner corner highlight):

Metallic rose (this color is gorgeous and definitely a good one to have around for the holidays):

Satin purple with pink micro shimmer (do I need to say anything else? This is a drop dead gorgeous purple shade!):

Matte black with rainbow micro sparkles (another favorite of mine):

I can't say one bad thing about this palette. I've had it for a few weeks and I've been reaching for it a ton - I love wearing purples and this is pretty much a perfect little palette for me. I've just recently become a lover of LORAC, and this did not disappoint! All the shadows are buttery, crazy pigmented, and blend like a dream. Definitely a new love of mine!!!

You can see live swatches in this video:

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