Wednesday, November 27, 2013

LORAC Solid Gold Palette

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If you're looking for an inexpensive yet amazing gift for the makeup lover on your list, this Ulta-exclusive palette is sure to impress. At just $12 you're getting 5 full sized, quality eyeshadows from LORAC. This is the Solid Gold Palette - there is a Platinum Status one as well, which I will review in a separate post! This one is the "warm toned" palette while Platinum Status is "cool toned." As of right now, both palettes are still available on the website so if you like what you see, I would snatch them up!
This was my first tim trying shadows from LORAC. I am very impressed!
The palette itself is small and sleek, definitely a good one for tossing in your bag and taking with you. The packaging on this one is a deep gold, almost quilted texture. You get 5 shades of shadow inside:
No flash:
With flash:
The colors don't have names, but they are:

Satin cream:
Shimmery champagne:
Metallic gold:
Matte brown with copper glitter (you can see that the glitter in it doesn't show up a ton in the swatch):
Deep brown with copper and gold micro glitter (the glitter in this one definitely transfers, and it is my favorite in the palette!):

So for me, this palette is a huge hit. To have a high end brand offer such an inexpensive palette for the holidays is pretty awesome. You don't see it too much but it's nice when it does come along!!

You can see live swatches in this video:

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