Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving OOTD

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I never do these posts because, the fact of the matter is, I'm in a t-shirt and jeans 99% of the time. So when I actually do wear something else, I feel the need to do an Outfit of the Day post! This is a little more mismatched than I wanted it to be but I still thought it was cute and comfy...
The short sleeved sweater was a gift a few Christmases ago, but I believe it was from Sears.
The blue long-sleeved shirt is from "So" at Kohl's - $7.99 (I couldn't find my black one, and hated wearing blue under this sweater lol!)
The skull leggings are from Kohl's - I recently got them on sale for $12
The boots are by Blowfish, I believe they were around $89. I've had them for years but you can still find them online. They are so comfortable and warm, if they ever wear out I will for sure get another pair!

Close-up of the leggings! These are really soft and comfortable, and they're warm which is nice. Today was my first time wearing them, and to my surprise they kept wanting to fall down. It would figure that I'd start losing all my baby weight as we start talking about trying for another baby!!

Makeup was simple - I used the Vice 2 palette for my eyes, Kat Von D Blush in Love Song, and the highlighter from the LORAC TANtalizer duo. Lips are my favorite red combo at the moment - OCC's NSFW over Hourglass's Icon. It's a super bold red lip that lasts all day long - even through turkey dinner!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post - I know they are rare but I actually remembered to do one, so bonus points for me there lol

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