Thursday, October 10, 2013

OCC Lip Tar Minis!

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This is genius. Lip Tars in MINI form? I personally am never going to use the Lip Tars I have before they go bad, because you need the TINIEST amount - I use them all the time and haven't made a dent yet. So, smaller size = smarter unless you're a busy makeup artist using them constantly.

This set is available at Sephora HERE for $20. It includes:
Memento (pink plum neutral)
NSFW (primary red)
Anime (vibrant neon pink)
Black Dahlia (blackened red)
And also includes one of their brushes.

If this isn't enough for you, on October 22nd they'll be releasing a 12 PIECE set on the Sephora website that will be available for I believe $58. It's an awesome way to try out a bunch of different lip tars and not have to worry about not using them all up (or maybe you still won't use them up, but at least you won't feel as guilty!)

What do you guys think of the minis? I think it's a great idea!!

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