Wednesday, October 9, 2013

MAC Rant Update

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When the RiRi Hearts MAC Collection came out, I posted a rant on my blog about how poorly the release was handled, and it was ridiculous having to wait online for 2 hours only to have the website mess up, kick me off, and by the time I got back into my cart to checkout all the stuff I wanted had sold out. When I initially emailed them I was told to try stores on October 3rd, which angered me even more because I wasn't going all the way to a store just to be told it was sold out again.

Someone from MAC commented on the post I left on their Facebook wall with an email address for me to contact, which I did. A few days later I got a reply that was pretty apologetic and they told me to pick a product so they could send it to me at no cost. They also said they would email me if any of the RiRi Hearts MAC products come back in stock. 

While this doesn't fix the original problem, I do like that their customer service stepped up - at least they realize they did upset a lot of people and tried to make amends. Just wanted to update you guys, I don't usually complain to companies but every now and then it pays to speak up when something causes an issue.

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