Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fantasy Makers Painter's Palettes

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I picked up 2 of these Fantasy Makers Painter's Palettes out of curiosity - I couldn't find these anywhere last year so when I spotted them this year I couldn't resist. I bought this one first just to try it (this one pictured above is called Wicked Queen) and was so impressed with the pigmentation that I got Femme Fatale about a week later.

Wicked Queen has a black, gray, navy, and red paint. What is a bummer is these say right on the cover not to put near your mouth or eyes, so that kind of defeats the purpose of using them as a face paint, doesn't it? I have tried Wet n Wild Halloween face paints in the past and they weren't very impressive. With this palette, I swatched it once and was like "whoa!" They really seemed to step up their game with the Halloween stuff, much like the rest of their makeup line lately.

One swipe of the black. It's not the blackest black ever, but it's very buildable. This is one swipe.
The gray is nice as well. All the colors in this palette are very creamy and blendable.
The navy is the only one out of the palette that can get a little patchy when applying.
And finally the red, the star of this palette!

Femme Fatale was the next one I wanted to try, just for that hot pink! Sadly, this one isn't as great as the first palette.
This one has a black, white, purple, and pink.

For some reason the black in this one is different than the one in Wicked Queen - this one seems more oily, so it doesn't apply as evenly. The white is nice, pretty pigmented with just one coat but is also buildable, which is good in a white makeup. The purple has poor pigmentation even with a couple of swipes. And the pink is the star color - definitely the most pigmented, easy to apply, and creamy.

So all in all, these are pretty nice to have on hand especially this time of year, and they're on sale almost all the time now at the drug stores. Even though the Femme Fatale black and purple aren't that great, I will get use out of the white and pink, so it's not a total fail.

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