Monday, September 2, 2013

Urban Decay Nail Color in Vice

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Urban Decay dips into the nail polish business every once in a while - they've come out with several sets of mini polishes before, but now they have 2 colors in full sized bottles. To my knowledge, they are only a limited-time thing, so if you're interested I would grab them now before they're gone!

I decided to get the purple color, Vice. The other one is a green with a gold shift to it called Addiction. I had too many colors close to that so I opted for the purple.
To be honest, the packaging on these is what made me say "I need to buy this." It has a gunmetal cap with a skull on the very top of it:
Definitely one of THE COOLEST nail polish bottles I own! The color itself is a vibrant purple that has hints of gold sheen, and when the sunlight hits it just right you can see purple and pink sparkles in it. It's a much more complex color than it seems at first glance!
The brush is nothing special, just an average thin polish brush. No issues with it though, it paints just fine.
The formula on this polish is outstanding. As it should be for the $15 price tag, but unfortunately we can't always say that expensive polishes are better! Not in this case, this is one coat on my pinky nail. It is extremely opaque! And it has pretty good wear time as well. When I swatched it on one nail in the store before I bought it, it stayed on with minor chipping after 4 days with no topcoat. That's pretty amazing as far as polish goes. 

So I am happy to say this nail polish gets a huge thumbs up from me! I think Urban Decay should come out with a full line of polishes because they are definitely awesome quality. Maybe they are testing the waters and seeing how well these two colors do before they decide to release a full line? Who knows! All I know is I wouldn't mind a whole line of nail colors from them.

I talk about the nail polish in this video:

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