Thursday, August 29, 2013

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked

Believe it or not, I have never owned an Urban Decay lipstick before. Now I'm wishing I had bought at least ONE of the ones in their old packaging, because I loved the little sword sticking out of the end of it. But anyway, Urban Decay recently launched their new lipsticks, called "Revolution Lipstick." I decided to get one of these because I kept seeing all the other beauty bloggers swatching them and when I saw them in person, I knew I had to get at least one and try it out.
Naked is a nude, but it's more pink-toned than just flat out nude. It's a little darker than my natural lip color, and is pretty much my ideal "everyday" lipstick shade.
I like the packaging a lot - the tube itself is like a gunmetal color, and the inside part where the lipstick twists up is the iconic Urban Decay purple.
A few swatches - the color is nicely pigmented and I love that it also gives a nice shine. This is a lipstick you can throw on and it still looks like you took the time to put a gloss over it!
The wear is EXCELLENT with this lipstick. It is a tiny bit sticky, but that is to be expected when a product lasts so long on your lips. It is also very creamy, applies smoothly, and feels super moisturizing. I love the formula!

What I regret is not getting one of the more fun shades - I will eventually have to go back and choose another, because I realized when I got this home that it is a spot on exact color match for Covergirl's "Heavenly" lipstick. The Urban Decay one has a shinier finish, and a more "luxurious" feel, but other than that they are the same color. So I just wish I hadn't dished out $22 on a color I already have, and went for one of the ones that is harder to find a dupe for! Other than that, I definitely love this lipstick and would love to eventually get some of the other shades.

I talk about the lipstick in this video:


  1. I can't wait to get my hands on anarchy and native! I would of bought them all ready but $22 for a lipstick is putting me off a bit.

    1. omg I know! There's so many colors to choose from, it's insane. But the fact that they're $22 definitely stopped me from picking up more than one lol