Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stila Countless Color Pigments in Center Stage

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The Countless Color Pigments from Stila are something that made me want to try them right off the bat, but everytime I'd go into Sephora I would talk myself out of it. Well they were recently on Hautelook for $6 each and I knew I couldn't pass that up. (They are normally $22).

The packaging on them is bright pink, so you gotta love that! Unless you hate pink, in which case I guess you wouldn't like it so much haha. I got the color "Center Stage," which essentially has blue, purple, pink, and peach all meshed in there. 
While I thought it would be easy to get use out of each color, they tend to just blend together - the swatches across the top were my attempts at dipping in the blue, peach, pink and purple and that is what turned out. The larger swatch across the bottom is all the colors blended together, which makes a pretty shimmery purple. It is soft and goes onto the eyelids nicely, but not super soft like Stila's normal eyeshadows tend to be.

The shadow is pretty, yes. Would I have paid $22 for it? No, and I'm glad I didn't. But for $6 it's a fun thing to have in my collection and it's pretty damn cool to look at! If you've been eyeing these but don't like their $22 price tag, definitely watch out for sales!

I show the eyeshadow in this video:

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