Thursday, September 12, 2013

L'Oreal Colour Riche laLaque in Lacquer-ized

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I am so glad I finally found the laLaque lipsticks (Target is the only place I have seen them) and although they were out of almost every color, this one was my favorite and the one I decided to pick up. It's called Lacquer-ized and is a pretty unique color - in some lights it looks pink, in others it looks more purple. I will get into that with pictures in a bit.

I keep hearing that these are only going to be around for a limited time, but it doesn't say limited edition anywhere on the packaging so that's something that needs to further be determined! This has become one of my new favorite lip products and I'm hoping they stick around for a while.
The packaging is sort of like a twist-up eyeliner, but thicker. It's thin enough that you can line your lips easily with it before filling it in. It is SUPER opaque and full coverage lipstick. It goes on looking super shiny and lasts for hours without needing a touch up. The pigmentation and shine last without fading. I can see why they named it after lacquer, because it looks like you're painting your lips!

They have that strong scent that most L'Oreal lipsticks have, but for a product this amazing I can get over the scent. It doesn't last once it's on your lips anyway.

Now for the fun part - see how in different lighting it looks pink or purple? Yes that is the same lip color in both photos! It's a pretty unique color and I'm glad I picked it up because I have fallen in love with it. If it is indeed a limited edition product I'm going to have to pick up a few backups of this!!

I just can't get over how pretty the color is. It's a good "starter purple" to get you into wearing all those cool dark purple colors that have been popping up for fall!

They have also come out with a matte version, the "leMatte" lipsticks - I also purchased one of those and will be doing a separate post about it!

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