Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rimmel Extra Pop Lash Mascaras

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I recently reviewed a couple of the Maybelline colored Great Lash mascaras, and while they're not the greatest, they are fun to play around with (especially for coloring your brows!) Now I heard that the Rimmel Extra Pop Lash Mascaras were far better, so when I finally found them and saw that they were on sale, I picked up all 4 of them.

There is a turquoise, purple, green, and plain black in this collection. They are also "lash building" so instead of just coloring your lashes, they also add a little extra volume!

The wand is tapered so it has a really fine tip, which I like because you can get even the tiniest lashes with it:
Pop Turquoise is more like a light blue, and out of the 4 colors is the only one that is shimmery.
This is one coat of it on my lashes. Not bad, right?
Pop Purple is a much lighter purple than the Maybelline one, and shows up a hell of a lot better too!
I think in terms of the color showing up on the lashes, this is my favorite one.

Pop Green is pretty fun, it's nice and bright!

And then we have the Pop Black which is a pretty decent mascara for the price!
This is one coat! I've really been loving this one as an every day mascara.

Overall I would say I like these a lot more than the Great Lash ones. I usually have pretty good luck with Rimmel when it comes to mascaras, and these are pretty great. I enjoy that it doesn't take much to get the color to show up - one coat and it's there, you don't have to keep piling on product. Also, the fact that they give volume and lift is a really nice addition to the normal colored mascaras that just add color to your lashes and don't do much else. If you spot these, I would definitely pick up one - or all of them, especially if they're on sale!

See them in action in this video:

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