Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fright Night Hair Chalk

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I have been wanting to try hair chalk for so long, but as someone who has dyed their hair every crazy color under the sun, I didn't know how much I would like the fact that they wash out in one wash. I didn't want to pay a bunch of money for hair chalk if I was going to use it once and toss it. So I was excited to see that the drug stores are carrying Fright Night hair chalk for Halloween! And there's a good array of colors too - they had black, red, purple, green, blue, pink. I think there may have been a few others as well but I picked up the blue and the pink.

The blue is called Cryptic Blue and the pink is R.I.Pink. The names are only on the outer packaging though, nowhere on the inside.
When you open them up they just look like domed eyeshadows/baked eyeshadows. All you do is drag them through the pieces of your hair that you want to color, coat the hair pieces with the chalk a few times, and then seal the color onto your hair with hairspray!

These don't stain my fingers - it DOES get all over your hands when you're using them, but it wipes right off with a baby wipe. I suppose you could use gloves if you want to remain mess-free.

Here's a shot of the two colors in my hair - my hair is a light brown and it shows up pretty well, I imagine they would show up even better on blondes! Although I have heard that hair chalk can stain bleached hair and it takes a few washes to come out, so use at your own discretion.

I am pretty pleased that they actually work as well as they do. I can't stress enough that you have to seal them with hairpsray if you want it to last though, because they are so powdery that you can blow on it and the color will come right out of your hair. That's the only downside for me, but I guess that's why they're only for temporary hair coloring!

Check out my demonstration in this video:

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