Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Color Raves: Copper/Burnt Orange

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I'm going to be starting a new series, both on my YouTube channel and here on the blog, called Color Raves. I'll be periodically posting about my favorite products of a certain color. If you guys have any color suggestions for what you'd like to see next, feel free to comment below! The first color is copper/burnt orange. Now for colors like red and pink I will obviously include lip products as well, but I can honestly say I have no copper colored lip stuff!

This first copper is from the Wet n Wild Shimmer the Night Away palette. It's a pretty true copper color, very smooth and pigmented:

While more of an orange than a copper, I felt I needed to include this one. It is Sugarpill's Asteria pigment, and it's a gorgeous orange with tons of gold glitter in it. I love the Sugarpill pigments because their colors are always bold. Even though loose shadows aren't the easiest to work with, these never give me trouble!

This one is from the Kat Von D Poetica Palette, and it's called Chandler. Another true copper color:

This is a Wet n Wild single shadow called Penny. It is a lighter copper, with sort of a peach sheen to it. Very pretty!

This is the only burnt orange I could find in my collection. It is from the Kat Von D Ladybird palette, and is a matte burnt orange. Perfect fall color!

This is a Tarte color called Charmer from the Tarte for True Blood Palette. (I tried to grab stuff that wasn't limited edition but looks like I failed at it!)

Next is NYX's Jumbo Shadow Pencil in Gold. I see it as more of a copper, so I decided to include it here. It makes an awesome base for metallic looks!

And lastly we have the Styli-Style eyeliner in Copper. These liners are like drugstore version of the Urban Decay liners - they have a huge color selection, and they apply smooth and creamy.

So that's it for the first Color Raves post - I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I hope you like this idea! Not sure how often I'm going to post these, but they are definitely a fun change of pace!

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